Will Smith has teamed up with DJ Khaled for a hip-hop update of the classic Aladdin song "Friend Like Me." The track features on the Aladdin soundtrack, which Disney released today in anticipation of the live-action remake dropping tomorrow.

Given Aladdin is a musical, it's only fitting for the actor to return to his hip-hop roots. The 2019 take on "Friend Like Me" is certainly different to the original performed by Robin Williams, with new lines such as "Anything rearrange, even climate can change / You ain't ever had a friend like me."

DJ Khaled, of course, shouts his trademark "Another one!" at the start of the song, as well as adding backing vocals throughout. Listen to the track below.

In case you need reminding, it's been 20 long years since Smith's last recorded a track for a movie: Wild Wild West," the theme song for the sci-fi cowboy movie of the same name. Watch it below.

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