In case you haven't yet heard the name Woodie Smalls, here's your chance to catch the wave before he inevitably makes it to the shores of mainstream rap success. Last summer, he surfed through COLORS Berlin for a performance of one of his most beloved songs "Tokyo Drift" (which you might recognize if you've played NBA 2k18) and this year, he made the cut in our list of 10 Belgian rappers you need to know. Now, we've got the exclusive on his latest music video for "Never Trust Again."

Having recently spent time exploring and recording in New York, LA, and Las Vegas, Smalls' latest single was a result of his trip to the aforementioned trio of U.S. cities from his native Belgium. As director Jacowbski  explains, "I think this video is a good example of just driving around Vegas, tired and a little jetlagged, looking for cool spots and making the most out of them in less than 24 hours.” It's a no-nonsense statement, but the visuals definitely border on hallucinogenic, with kaleidoscopic views throughout, as Smalls and his squad roll through Sin City.

Check out our premiere of Woodie Smalls' "Never Trust Again" above, and revisit his 2015 debut album Soft Parade below.

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