The future is here and it bends in three! As many flagship phone companies are still fighting the good fight for bezel-less and notch-less phones, a few brands are already experimenting on the next big innovation, foldable screens. At CES, we got a close look at the first commercial foldable phone, the Royole "FlexPai", as well as more rumors of Samsung's own concept, but until that reveal, Xioami has entered the ring with the best bend concept thus far.

Xiaomi revealed their new folding phone in a teaser video highlighting the displays not single but double fold feature. In the nearly minute-long video, Xiaomi co-founder and president Lin Bin explains that the device is just an engineering model adding that Xiaomi has conquered “a series of technical problems such as flexible folding screen technology, four-wheel drive folding shaft technology, flexible cover technology, and MIUI adaptation.”

Outside of witnessing how the MIUI software adapts to the folding display, details for the phone are still under lock and key. Where's the camera? What's the display resolution? What will pricing be? Regardless of all the questions we still need answered, the phone seems a lot more intuitive and practical than the Royole "FlexPai.

How do you feel about the Xioami foldable phones? Are you excited about the foldable display trend?

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