yg post malone meek mill debt

Famous people. They’re just like us.

Well not really, but YG recently stopped by Power 106 Los Angeles to promote his latest studio album 4REAL 4REAL, and shared a pretty relatable story about a friendly wager he made with Post Malone.

If you follow YG and Post on Instagram, you’ll remember them sitting together at a Cowboys-Rams game not too long ago. The two put $20k on the line, and while YG came out with the winning wager, apparently Post still owes him. On Power 106, YG broke down the debt by revealing “He didn’t pay me.” The radio show’s co-hosts agreed, safely speculating “He got 20k.” YG added, “Shit, he ain’t paying me. So I don’t know, do he?” Check around the 23:00 minute mark for the exchange.

YG then disclosed a debt of his own, revealing, “Ay I owe Meek Mill ten… It’s either five or ten, because we bet on the Patriots. I owe Meek but I told Meek, I said, ‘Hey bro I’ma pay you when Post Malone pay me.'”

Pay the man, Posty.

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