Future went and surprised us with the release of BEASTMODE 2 this past Friday, providing the sort of rap with emotional heft we desperately needed in the wake of Drake's very middling Scorpion. As per usual, he enlisted the help of his trusted super-producer Zaytoven behind the booth, the result being even more of the excellence the two have churned out for years now. In a new interview with The FADER, Zaytoven dishes on their latest collab, in addition to their enormous back catalog of work, and their effortless working relationship.

Speaking on the rich annals of Future/Zaytoven songs in the vault (for their latest tape alone, they culled from "100 songs") the producer says "Man, you wouldn’t even believe. If you knew how many songs we did just to get the nine songs we got on this one. So many songs. Even for the first project, there were so many songs that were left over. That’s how we like to work — we wanna make sure that we’re giving the fans the best out of the best."

Discussing their work relationship, he says that "We’re both workaholics. When Zaytoven and Future are working together, then Future’s not working on no other tracks and Zaytoven’s not making no beats for nobody but Future. So, when I go in the studio, my mind is just tunnel vision. All the beats, even if he don’t use ‘em, are for Future. I sit there and watch him record and it just blows my mind every time."

Be sure to read the full interview over on The FADER.

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