The second haircut in our series of classic men’s cuts with contemporary executions was inspired by one of the best haircuts on the planet. It belongs to David Lynch and, as we understand it, he’s had it cut by the same woman for many years. Have a look, it is a coif that effuses quizzical warmth and mild menace, much like the persona of the man it sits atop.

What you see here on Josh’s head started out a little closer to what Mr. Lynch wears, but over the past two years has evolved as the sides and back have gone shorter and shorter. Find out how the cut made its way to Lynch 2.0 after the jump.

Photography by Ryan Olsen
Cut and styling by Nicole Foster
Beer by Dixie

The sides and back are cut in a fade with clippers, including Josh’s crown, where he has a cowlick. Buzzing that area makes the longer hair on top—which has more length at the back and is a bit shorter in the front—lay evenly.

The extra short length on the sides and back make it so that the styling is easy to maintain, even after a fitful night’s sleep dreaming of Laura Dern crying. To style the look, Josh towel dries the hair after a shower, runs some styling creme through it, then combs it back. He has his own blow-drying method for the cut: hitting the perimeter of the length up top with some heat before holding a forward bend position and drying it the rest of the way upside down gives the mop some volume and stretches his lower back.

Then he runs some waxy pomade through his hair before brushing it back and hitting it with hairspray. The initial investment of 10 minutes time makes it so that even after a few days without showering, he can put in a little more pomade, brush his hair back and spray it in a matter of minutes and be ready to go.

Words by Josh Tyson