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We have been having a risk-laden love affair with Black Metal Serfwear for a while now. You have to be both confident and creative to effectively employ the pastoral/pagan/cyber-noir blend that is the hallmark of the style. So here is a look at some BMS pieces in two categories: Softer Style and Blood in the Skies Style.

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Have a look at two modes of Black Metal Serfwear after the jump…


Rick Owens – Marrakesh Shirt

The fit, sleevelessness and white markings on this sharp shirt from Black Metal Serfwear overlord Rick Owens sing a song of darkness. It also looks a little like a gym shirt, so you can get plenty creative describing the impetus behind wearing it. Though the more appropriate approach when asked about a piece of BMS gear is to issue a coolly blank stare.

Siki Im – NC Selvedge Denim

Pretty standard-looking denim, we realize, but Siki Im is definitely a formidable presence on the charred hillsides of Black Metal Serfwear country. These could go well with the Rick Owens shirt above for a solid but subdued BMS foundation.

This sweater – Lars Andersson

The sleeves are exaggerated enough that you get a few of whispers of doom in this sweater from Lars Andersson, a Swedish designer who knits all of his stuff with a small team in Brooklyn. The thing is causal enough that you could even risk angering the gods and pair it with some chinos.


Lars Andersson – Linen Tank in Violet Blue

Even the darkest dudes have a softer side and this breezy tank top from old Lars Andersson addresses that tenderness. Simple, but still a showstopper were you to stroll basically anywhere with this on top.

Jil Sander – Leather Effect Shirt

It gets cold out there and nothing keeps the chill of a deathly winter at bay like a leather shirt. Alright, so this isn’t genuine leather, but it does have the leather effect its name implies. All sorts of intensity coming from this.

Blackmeans – Cowhide And Sheepskin Leather Pants

On top of looking like the perfect blend of Norse warrior and brat hacker, these pants are made from sheepskin and cowhide—with all participating animals slaughtered in an archaic fashion, we trust.

Siki Im – Dropped Jogging Pant

Many of the statement pieces in this realm are the pants. While the leather ones above take a more tactile approach, these dropped jogging pants from Siki Im are in-your-face in another way. You need confidence to walk the streets with a billowy crotch like this. It conjures so much mystery that people will not be able to let you pass by without inspection. That is to know the power of BMS.

Hiking Boot – Rick Owens

Same goes for these boots from Rick Owens. If you are owning these you are likely owning everything that passes within your sphere of influence, which we imagine must bubble out at least 10 feet in every direction.

*Honorable mention: the lead images come from Rochambeau‘s Fall/Winter 2012 collection. The brand is another solid player in this shadowy dominion of greatness.

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