Where the runway meets the street

In some parts around the globe the new Maison Martin Margiela for H&M Collection has already released, in others it is about to. The Internet was busy reporting about the various initiatives around the collection for months now and today the day has come. Some consider it a nice and lower priced way of getting a piece of Margiela, others cannot really support the idea of Margiela playing nice with mass retailer H&M. Our opinion on the topic is also split, but bottom line we have to admit that the collection has some interesting pieces that impress both in terms of quality and also in terms of price.

Here below are our favorite pieces from the collection.

Two Jackets

A smart jacket that combines the looks of two blazers into one.

Wool Coat

Our absolute favorite in the collection. Classic, modern, subtle, yet just with the right details, a piece that you can wear for all occasions.


A great wool and Alpaca jumper, slightly oversized with great patterns and colors. This piece will for sure keep you warm this winter.

Two Shirts

Same idea as with the above blazer, two shirt cuts fused into one, while remaining very simple overall, as its all white.


A simple dark grey blazer, a little heavier, making it perfect for the winter. The buttons are hitten and overall the details are subtle, yet they are there. Another good piece to keep.

Good luck getting the pieces that you want and make sure to check out our Editorial on the collection here.

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