At the rate coffee is becoming a fully fledged artisanal practice, it might be time for the regular java junkies among us to extend our collection of coffee apparatus and accessories. A jar of your regular instant coffee just won’t cut it with your guests anymore, not when most of us have become accustomed to the doppio filter-drip in-house roasted espresso served to us on top of a sack of coffee beans in our local exposed brickwork industrial interior design coffee shop. It’s nice to visit those places but it would be even nicer if we had them on hand first thing in the morning, without having to leave the comfort of our pajamas. Even nicer if there’s somebody else on hand to do the work for you. Check out our selection of coffee gadgets and up your coffee accoutrements game.


Aerobie AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

Perhaps not the best looking gadget on the list, sort of resembling some sort of penis enlarging device than something that makes a quality cup of coffee, the AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker uses ‘total immersion’ and ‘gentle pressure’ (still sounds a bit like a penis enlarging device?) to produce coffee with an extraordinarily rich flavor. It does do that, promise. Get hold of one from Amazon.


3sixteen x HCR Travel Coffee Kit

If you know how you like your coffee, then you KNOW how you like your coffee, and having to seriously downgrade to hotel or gas station quality coffee just won’t do. 3sixteen denim specialists got together with their good friends at Handsome Coffee Roasters in LA to produce this limited edition travel coffee kit which contains everything you’d need to create the perfect cup of coffee on the go. The kit contains an Aeropress, filters, a 12oz bag of coffee, a Porlex mini hand grinder, and an AWS digital scale. The bag itself is handmade by Teppei Teranishi of Teranishi Handcrafted using all brass hardware, so your coffee kit will look as good as its results taste. Buy one now from 3sixteen.


Tonfisk Coffee Pot

Finnish design brand Tonfisk aim to produce objects which are not mere replications. You know those tiny little handles you get on bottles of maple syrup – how the hell is anyone supposed to comfortably pour syrup holding that? This coffee pot has been designed to be lifted and poured like a bottle for a way nicer drinking experience. It’s the little things that can make an important difference. Not to mention the white porcelain and wooden bracelet given it a seriously great ’70s vibe. You can buy yours from The Goodhood Store.


The Professional Barista’s Handbook

If you wanna do the damn thing and rustle up a proper decent cup of coffee then do your research and learn from a master. The Professional Barista’s Handbook contains all the practical information with relevant information on how to perfect that barista-style coffee, for professionals and non-professionals alike. Check it out over at Amazon.


Gaggia Espresso Machine

So elegant, so simple, like many of the best designs. This Gaggia espresso machine will seriously up your kitchenware game. If you walk into a kitchen and you see this on the counter, you know the owner has style and taste, and hopefully great hosting skills too as you wait patiently for such a casually great coffee. Get hold of one from Heal’s.


Coffee Joulies

Weird little metal coffee beans, these things are the kind of thing you never realized you needed so badly until you got them. Coming in a set of five, you put several in your coffee depending on the size of your drink, they absorb heat when it’s too hot, and release it back into your coffee to keep it at the perfect temperature. You can buy them direct from their website here.


Bodum Latte Milk Frother

Frothed milk is what helps a coffee along to becoming near-perfect. But the industrial-sized milk steamers are expensive, fiddly and sort of an extreme purchase for those of us who only need them once, maybe twice a day. Bodum have answered our troubles with this easy to use, battery operated milk frother. The foaming spiral in the center rotates both sideways and up and down to get the foamiest foam possible, and it’s microwaveable so you can heat up that milk good and proper. Buy it online here.


Thermos Vacuum Insulated Travel Tumbler 

We couldn’t have a coffee-related post without the veteran of coffee gadgets: the Thermos Flask. A tried and tested favorite, this one comes in a slightly larger 16oz size and uses vacuum insulation technology for maximum temperature retention, hot or cold. You can buy yours directly from Thermos.


Secret Squirrel Cold Brew Coffee

This Sectre Squirrel coffee concentrate can be mixed with both hot and cold milk, but provides the ideal base for any iced coffee drinks. Brewed over 18-24 hour periods using nothing but filtered water and ground beans, it produces a smooth, rich coffee flavor. Mix it up with different syrups and ice cold milk and you’ve got yourself the perfect drink when it’s too hot out to even bear the thought of holding a steaming hot mug of coffee. Store it in your thermos, see above, and you’re good to go. Get hold of your Cold Brew Coffee here.


Grow Your Own Coffee

For those of you who like the idea of branching out into growing your own, in order to feed that habit of yours, might I suggest growing your own coffee beans before you venture into any sort of illegal territory. This kit provides everything you need in order to start sprouting your own coffee plants within 3-4 weeks. Take your coffee experience a step further than freshly grinding the beans, freshly grow them as well. Purchase your kit now from ThinkGeek.

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