Pinpointing the right camera in today’s saturated electronics market can be tough, especially with the consideration of size and travel compatibility. Not to fret, we’ve condensed it down to the top 10 cameras — from premium to affordable — all geared specifically toward your summer getaway this season. See our picks below.


Sony RX100 III

If size is a concern for you, look no further. Sony managed to insert a 20.1-megapixel sensor into this incredibly compact beauty. Look for amazing low-light performance, 24-70mm Zeiss glass, and a large LCD screen.  The Sony RX100 MIII camera ships in late June. But if you can’t wait until then, the RX100 II is still a very solid choice. 


Fujifilm X100S

Hands down, this one is the winner for us. Over the last few months, nearly half of the office have acquired one and been more than happy with its results. Reminiscent of 35mm film cameras, the X100S has a vintage look and feel but packs in the best in tech that Fuji has to offer. Trust us, you won’t regret it. ($1,299)


Fujifilm X-E2

The X-E2 is the smarter older sibling to the X100S above. With the addition of an interchangeable lens system and Wi-Fi compatibility, this may be the right pick for you. Although carrying around extra lenses may be cumbersome, it’s proven to be an amazing shooter. We will vouch for it. ($1,199)


Leica X2

Modeled after the famous M3 film camera, the Leica X2 is one of the best-looking cameras out, period. With a fixed 24mm lens, you get an old school feel and incredibly quick focus times. This one might hurt the bank a little though. ($1,969)


Olympus TG-3 

This is for the true outdoorsman. This baby is waterproof up to 50 feet, drop-proof up to seven feet, and functions in quite cold conditions. The TG-3 probably will not not win the award of sexiest-looking camera, but the fact that you can shoot underwater makes up for that completely. ($349)


Sony DSC-QX100

As you can tell, this is not your average camera. We gave the QX100 a test drive and were thoroughly impressed with the image quality. The “camera” is essentially a lens with no screen — the magic happens when you pair it with your smartphone via a private Wi-Fi network. All images are streamed directly to your device, Instagram-ready. ($499)


Canon G16

We are more used to Canon for DSLRs but our friends there do have something to offer the compact market. The G16 is styled after the a classic 35mm shooter but has a built-in zoom and the ability to shoot 1080p video. A solid contender. ($449)


GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition

Heading to the mountains or the beach? Capture everything along the way with one of these. We’re sure you know about the GoPro hype by now, but the hype is for good reason. The tiny package can shoot video up to 4k and can capture stunning still images as well. ($399)


Olloclip 4-in-1 iPhone Lens 

We sometimes forget how good the iPhone camera really is. And with the addition of a small lens kit, you can stretch your phone’s imaging even further. Olloclip offers a pack of four lenses that can really take your mobile pictures to the next level. ($69)


Kodak 35mm Disposable Camera

Remember using one of these back in the day? Although the disposable camera may be archaic in terms of technology, there’s something truly magical about developing film. Have you ever traveled and got so caught up in Instagram that you forgot to relax? It’s definitely good to boast your travels — we sure do — but don’t let it ruin the trip. Shooting film can help you actually sit back and enjoy your vacation. These are super cheap, so you can buy a bunch and shoot away. ($12)

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