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Land Rover’s Range Rover Evoque SUV is the statement for the city. Of course, you could always have some kind of stretched-out sedan, but when it pulls up at the lights, the Evoque will always look down on it.

Built for the city, LA DJ and producer Them Jeans put the Evoque to practical use in the Land Rover “City Evocation” series. Cruising around his stomping ground, Them Jeans describes how the rich tapestry of sounds and melodies he encounters in the City of Angels informs and often directly enters his work. Which is natural, considering the varied landscape that lies within LA’s borders. All of which the car just eats up because, at heart, it’s still a Range Rover, and Range Rovers can cope with craggy, challenging terrain and difficult weather as much as they can with smooth city streets.

The Evoque’s distinctive silhouette comes from award-winning design teams who adapted Land Rover’s legendary Range Rover luxury SUV model into something a little more distinctive and dynamic.

Land Rover and Them Jeans’ film forms just one chapter in the legendary car manufacturer’s new three-part “City Evocation” series. The mini-saga looks at the character of three iconic US cities by journeying through them with Land Rover.

Alongside LA, the ‘Shape’ and intensity of New York is investigated through the calm and composed lens of photographer Paul Jung. Repping the south, New Orleans-based artists Cleo Wade and Liza Voloshin present the unique ‘Color’ and legendary vibes of the Big Easy.

Watch the film, above, before heading to Range Rover Evoque’s #CityEvocation site for more info.

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