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Something is in the air this season, and whatever it is, it has unearthed an abundance of riches from the secret vaults of Kanye West. In the past few weeks alone, we have been delivered with never-before-heard recordings of some of his most recognizable songs, including a smattering of songs from Yeezus, a version of “Famous” that replaces Rihanna with Young Thug, and a collaboration with the late J Dilla.

Now comes another gem to this collection, and one that may prove to be one of the most unexpected of the bunch. It’s a duet with Kid Cudi titled “Can’t Look Into My Eyes,” and the entire song is (amazingly) built around a sample from a track by Daft Punk on the band’s TRON: Legacy soundtrack. This is actually the second Kid Cudi / Kanye collaboration to get discovered this week, previously sharing a finished version of a song called “Too Bad I Have to Destroy You Now.”

It makes sense, at least on Kanye’s behalf, that this hip-hop duo would reach out to the OG French-robot duo. For starters, Kanye lifted the band’s track “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” for his own mega-hit “Stronger,” and the pair even collaborated on a performance in the time since. And of course Daft Punk would soon bring it all full-circle as they lent production in-house to the Yeezus recording sessions. Yeezy just leaves to keep it all in the family.

Listen to the full demo below to see what you think:

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