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If your budget didn’t quite stretch to Audi’s Final Fantasy XV-themed R8, then perhaps mark the game’s long-anticipated release with something from Sony’s new range of commemorative electronics instead.

Ahead of tomorrow’s launch, the Japanese tech giant has unveiled a limited edition set of XV-branded MR-100A earphones, SRS-HG1 bluetooth speaker, and dope A-Series Walkman audio player. The Walkman comes with Hi-Res support and features pixel-art versions of XV characters on the back. All three items come packaged in a Final Fantasy-themed box.

But unless you live in Japan then don’t get too excited, as it doesn’t look like these will be coming to North America or Europe anytime soon. The 16GB Walkman model will retail for around $300, while the earphones and speaker will come in slightly cheaper at $280 and $260, respectively.

If you didn’t already know, today is Cyber Monday. We’ve listed some of the best bargains here.

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