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When people mention souvenir jackets, the first thing to often come to mind are ones emblazoned with Asian-style tigers or dragons – which is why Stüssy’s latest souvenir jacket design may come as a surprise.

Made in collaboration with Japanese label Tailor Toyo, the new jackets are emblazoned with Toyo’s recurring skeleton motif, with two relaxing skeletons making an appearance on the frontside chest, and a larger-scale graphic with a skeleton on an island appearing on the back. On a macro level, you’ll find that the jacket also offers a skeletal aesthetic in its black and white colorway and design, while the piece offers a reversible side for a more toned-down all-black look.

The Stüssy x Tailor Toyo souvenir jacket is set to release sometime around May for a retail price of $479 USD.

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Words by Marcus Cho
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