Where the runway meets the street

Shopping at retailers like H&M can be intimidating as hell. To say their stores are jam-packed with merchandise is a complete understatement.

On the reverse side, however, H&M offers a slew of must-have basics at moderate price points, so sometimes, it’s worth the extra hassle to sift through rack after rack.

If you’re looking for some tips on the in’s and out’s of how to shop at the behemoth retailer, then take it from a former H&M employee of four years. She has in turn broken everything from sizing to how to get discounts, the best time to shop, and more.

Underneath, we’ve highlighted some of the bullet points from this H&M insider, but after reading, follow on over to Pop Sugar for a more in-depth explanation on these best-kept shopping secrets.

1. You can get a discount every time you shop and save the planet while you’re at it

“Bring up to two bags (four to five items) of unwanted textiles — think clothes, placemats, pillow cases — and receive up to two coupons for 15 percent off your next purchase.”

4. Online shopping is all about the filters

“You can find a volume of funky, elevated, and on-trend items by filtering your search to “Trend.” These items are often on sale and not always featured in store. Another thing to mention about new items found online: they are found in store two to three weeks after being featured on the website. If it’s a more one-of-a-kind piece, maybe even longer or not at all.”

5. Arrive at nine, leave before noon

“This is when the store is the cleanest. Staff has finished cleaning any leftover messes from the night before and all go-backs should be in their rightful places. Racks are clean and shoppable. The stock team is also replenishing low products and placing new items. You will always have the most updated and shoppable floor in the a.m. There is never a line for the fitting room. With less of a mess to clean and keep control of, the staff has more time to assist you and your needs!”

6. Stock up on basics

“H&M is like the Mecca of basics. But because of this, the good stuff sells out fast. Shop basics a month ahead of the new season. Need a turtleneck for Fall? Start checking around August. Want a sheer and lightweight Spring sweater? Begin shopping in February. New and fresh basic pieces are often made better, but the store receives less and doesn’t always replenish. (I lost my favorite black turtleneck and the store has never seen it again. RIP.)”

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