Houston’s Ugly God is up next for XXL‘s 2017 Freshman Class freestyle. Here, we find the burgeoning artist spitting some fresh bars without any musical accompaniment.

When speaking with XXL regarding not fitting in as a kid, the 20-year-old artist revealed, “I didn’t have shit,” remembering his high school days. “I wasn’t up to date on the style and shit. I got picked on for not always having the best clothes.”

Following, talk transitioned to music he listened to while growing up. “I don’t have anybody that really influenced me, honestly,” Ugly God insisted. “There were people I listened to, but it didn’t influence the way I make music. I listened to a lot of Soulja Boy. He had a nice lil’ swag to him. But before him, it was just anybody on the radio.”

For more on Ugly God, head over to XXL.

Not NYC, not LA.

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