Tune in and turn up

Yesterday Atlanta spitter Madeintyo addressed mumble rap in his XXL Freshman Class freestyle, as today the publication is back with the latest 2017 entry, courtesy of Kamaiyah. Here we in turn showcase the Oakland emcee spitting fire, again, with no instrumentation.

Kamaiyah appropriately puts on for her hometown during the freestyle, while also delving into labels wanting to sign her, being the dopest hip-hop chick, and more.

“There’s like a mental trap in The Bay because the hustle is so independent that you can sell 100,000 out your truck,” the 25-year-old rapper revealed when speaking with XXL. “So you begin to depend upon that factor verses becoming national and worldwide. So there’s like an double-edged sword of how to make it out The Bay.”

She then went on to add, “My biggest thing when I start recording is for me to sound regionally as normal as possible verses me not sounding like I’m not from where I’m from. That’s what makes me stand out.”

To hear Kamaiyah’s XXL Freshman Class freestyle, press play above. Following, see below for the other Freshman Class deliveries.

Not NYC, not LA.

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