Tyler, The Creator is everywhere at the moment. The leak of the rapper’s upcoming album Scum Fuck Flower Boy has sent the internet into a tailspin regarding its suggestive lyrical content, though Tyler has refused to make any official comments since the leak.

He did, however, grant an immersive interview to Dazed, conducted both before and after this week’s leak heard round the world. See below for some of the interview’s essential takeaways.

His taste in fashion still skews heavily toward Supreme

“I rapped about what I really liked, and to me Supreme, and Peg Leg, and Billionaire Boys Club was the flyest shit to me. I didn’t give a fuck about Gucci. I didn’t give a fuck about what everyone else was wearing. I didn’t want to wear no leather pants or Givenchy dog shirt, I thought my fucking Supreme hat and my fucking tie dye tee and my cut-off shirts and my fucking Vans were the fucking flyest shit and you couldn’t tell me nothing.”

He takes credit for a few trends you may have heard of

“Like everyone is doing pop-up shops now; I was doing that in 2011. I’d never get a mention for it or anything. When everyone was putting cats on tie dye shirts in 2013, I was doing that in 2011… I’ll just never, ever be looked at as (an originator) and it’s a bummer.”

He has serious love for his new partnership with Converse

“Imagine being in a fucking cocoon… Vans just wouldn’t let me grow. It was a ceiling and I was like, ‘Fuck this.’ Converse is allowing me to bloom, no pun intended, and it’s great.”

He is done hearing that interview question

“Just, no ‘What’s your inspiration?’, those are the fucking worst questions. ‘So what inspires you?’ I fucking hate that word… It’s stupid. I get it. ‘What inspires you?’ Like every interview with anyone, ‘What inspires you?’ I don’t fucking know, dude. Google it. Eight years later and you’re still asking me this shit?!”

He has some choice words for people who spend all day online

“Go learn a fucking hobby. Literally, you have people on the internet who talk all day and comment, but can’t speak in person, who actually don’t have social skills, who can’t play an instrument, who can’t draw, who can’t do anything; but they like and leave comments on other people’s shit. And that shit is crazy to me.”

His artistic ethos is rock solid

“Look, I just like making shit. I’m a creative guy. If I’m not making music then I’m gonna figure out how to draw, and if that’s not it I’ll play an instrument. If not, I’ll film something. I think that goes for any artist.”

He’s a bit scared of Lil Uzi Vert

“He’s fucking crazy. Uzi is crazy bro… He’s actually crazy, like, I can’t explain it.”

Be sure to read the full interview over on Dazed.

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