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Following the success of Master of None season two, show creator and burgeoning fashion icon Aziz Ansari met up with Mark Anthony Green at Paris Fashion Week for a special GQ Style profile. Fast forward, and Aziz has gone on to land the cover for the publication’s new fall issue.

During the sit-down for the feature, we find Ansari dishing on his aforementioned Netflix series, which unfortunately doesn’t sound like we’ll be getting a season three, or at least not anytime soon that is. As for now, he’s not exactly thinking about what’s next for Master or None, “Because I haven’t invested in my personal life the way that I have in my professional life,” the actor/writer/director/comedian insisted. “I’m way more dedicated to my professional life. And I realized that recently, you know?”

If you watch Master of None, then you should be aware that much of it deals with Dev Shah’s (the character Aziz plays) love life, or lack thereof. The portrayal may not be all that off, however, as the 34-year-old entertainer noted, “I would probably adjust my personal life to be in a loving relationship, and I’d probably adjust it so I got to spend more time with my parents. And I would create teleportation, so I could see people quickly without worrying about travel.”

He then went on to add, “I’m very happy. That’s another reason I don’t really care about work stuff. Look, the conventional wisdom is you come off a win like I had with season two, now you can do another thing. But I’ve had that high, twice now, of making something I really care about, that I really believe in, that I’m really inspired by, and having people respond to it. I’d rather figure out other things in my life that I don’t feel as good about. I don’t feel as good about my personal life as I do my professional life.”

Aziz also addressed rumors he had deleted Twitter and Instagram and email from his phone. “It is [true]! Whenever you check for a new post on Instagram or whenever you go on The New York Times to see if there’s a new thing, it’s not even about the content. It’s just about seeing a new thing,” he says.

“You get addicted to that feeling. You’re not going to be able to control yourself… It’s better to just sit and be in your own head for a minute. I wanted to stop that thing where I get home and look at websites for an hour and a half, checking to see if there’s a new thing. And read a book instead.”

Head on over to GQ Style to dive deeper.

  • Photography: Arnaud Pyvka exclusively for GQ Style

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