Cop It, Then Rock It

What shoes a man wears says a lot about him. So what about brogues? Yes, we are talking about those low-heel clunkers which are often reserved for black-tie occasions. The genderless shoe is making a comeback, and we here at Highsnobiety could not be more thrilled to add them to our ever-expanding closet.

Brogues were not always so formal, nor were they always genderless. Having originated in the early 20th century as country walking shoes, brogues were for men only. Over time, they began to shed their outdoor shoe status to become something seen in the office or at formal events. History aside, we’re glad they’re trending again.

Below you can find some of our favorite brogues. If you’re interested in similar shoes, check out our list of the best loafers to buy now.


Words by Molly Hannon
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