Despite Supreme's unrivaled popularity not much is known about the New York brand. So in an effort to give fans and casuals a deeper look into the legendary brand, Complex put together a list featuring 50 things you didn't know about Supreme. Our top 10 include:

1. It cost around $12,000 to open Supreme back in 1994.

2. Rammellzee was the first artist Supreme ever worked with. He did some work for the NYC shop.

3. The Supreme motion logo is inspired by the title sequence of 1990's Goodfellas, designed by Saul Bass.

4. Jebbia's design for the Supreme New York store was more open so skaters could come right in with their skateboards.

5. James Jebbia likes to point out that Richard Prince made decks with Supreme long before he helped Marc Jacobs make handbags for Louis Vuitton in 2007.

6. The Nike SB 94 was made specifically for Supreme and was the first Nike skate shoe to feature the foamposite technology

7. Supreme paid $20,000 to buy out a parody brand called Shortypop in 2010, which was named after a Niketalk member and featured photos of her.

8. There are legit kid-sized box logo tees that were given to friends and family of Supreme.

9. A teenage James Jebbia learned about the retail industry while working at Parachute in SoHo with future Undefeated founder Eddie Cruz.

10. Supreme is set to open a European webshop at the end of this year.

Check out all 50 here.

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