Munich's A Kind of Guide unveils their latest collection inspired by Mongolia and its football culture. Officially titled "FB Baganuur," the offerings consist of a unique juxtaposition of simple workwear silhouettes, sportswear-influenced cuts, sophisticated tailoring and elegant coats. With a long and ancient tradition of nomadic life in arid conditions, influeneced by the Russian and Chinese during its socialist period, the country continues to be changed even further thanks to the Westernized lifestyle of today. The brand's fictitious team and accompanying goods aim to capture this vivid contrast and while doing so, they may have just created their most luxurious collection to date.

As usual, materials are a highlight of the collection, with every piece of fabric hand-sourced from renowned suppliers Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Iconic teddy bear company Steiff once again makes an appearance through the incorporation of their fabrics.

Shirts come in a variety of perennial styles cut from specially textured qualities such as the Salkhiny Shirt, or in the weathered appearance of the washed Ajiltan Shirt. Heavy over-shirt styles bridge the gap with the outerwear selection and reintroduce elements like press buttons, as seen in the Zuzaan Shirt Jacket.

Look for the full range at select retailers, A Kind of Guise locations and A Kind of Guise's website.

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