If you’ve stepped outside in the last couple of days, you must have seen people's faces painted in their national colors, their country’s flags hanging over their shoulders, and they’re probably belting out national anthems. This can only mean one thing – the Euros are finally here. 

With the tournament in full swing, terrace culture once again proves itself as the beating (and sartorial) heart of football culture: living rooms and local pubs are turning into mini stadiums, terraces erupt into a symphony of chants and songs, fans become more than just spectators and jerseys, vintage and new, take center stage. Don’t miss the action at the Home of adidas Football, where you can catch live matches, customize your own jerseys at the Makers Lab, and soak in the atmosphere of terrace culture brought to life. To celebrate the scene even more, adidas and Highsnobiety have just teamed up to reimagine the culture through a futuristic fashion lens.

For this, the duo teamed up with three top stylists from around europe. The mission? Inspired by adidas' Makers Lab, each stylist is turning their team's home and away kits into fresh fashion statements that capture the spirit of terrace culture—all while proudly repping their home nations.

Before diving into their creative process, we caught up with our stylists, Lorena Maza (ITA), Jonathan Morales (ESP), and Olive Duran (GER), who shared their insights on football culture and designs. 

Have you customized a jersey before?

Duran: Absolutely! Customizing jerseys is such a fun way to express a different side of a traditional football look. 

Morales: I did a small custom at the store for a friend, adding the name at the back as usual, but this is actually my first full one! 

What does football mean to you?

Maza: Football has always had a big impact on Argentinian culture; coming together, enjoying and celebrating all ranges of emotions with family and friends. Football means to feel like a winner, as a a country that has been facing huge economic and political crisis, this sport is an exit for many kids to a better future and opportunities.

Duran: Football is the ultimate blend of culture and passion, I love that it connects people from all over the world. Even if I don’t always understand the game, it’s always a fun atmosphere. 

And what are your thoughts on terrace culture?

Duran: Terrace culture is the beating heart of football. It's a dynamic mix of fashion, music, and unity. It’s raw, authentic, and endlessly fun for any creative mind.

What inspired your jersey design?

Maza: Italian elegance!

Morales: Definitely key things from my childhood and the cities I’ve lived in: the national flower (mainly seen in Madrid), the dance (Flamenco), and the patterns or fabrics that represent my Southern Spanish culture.

Duran: The intersection of street style and football heritage inspired my design. It’s about making a bold statement and going for unconventional approaches to the jersey. I want people to feel something that they’ve never seen before but would be willing to try.

How was it balancing tradition and innovation? Mixing adidas heritage with a personal touch? 

Duran: Balancing tradition and innovation is like crafting the perfect blend of classic and contemporary. adidas heritage offers a timeless canvas, and my touch adds a modern and original twist.

Maza: For me, it's always about authenticity and highlighting people's personalities rather than forcing a trend—we all bring something unique and special that adds beauty to this world.

What retro jersey from adidas’ long history is your favorite and why?

Maza: The Colombian soccer shirt from the ‘90s! But actually, the biggest personal gem is a 1996 adidas Boca Juniors jersey from my dad.

Morales: I do love a long-sleeved polo adidas tee. Give me all of them, I won't be tired of wearing them!

Who are you most looking forward to seeing play in your national team?

Morales:  To be honest, anyone who can make us win.. but mainly… anyone hot to watch.

What do you think will be the future trends in football jersey design?

Duran: Future trends will focus on sustainability and innovation. Expect eco-friendly materials and cutting-edge designs that push the boundaries of technology and fashion, with a nod to classic retro elements.

Check out these revamped jerseys at the Highsnobiety store, where they bring terrace culture to life in an exhibition about design and football culture. It's not just a display; it's an immersive experience that showcases how style and sport come together in the most exciting ways.

Ready to customize your own jersey? Visit the Makers Lab at Home of adidas Football in front of the Reichstag and get creative.

Find out more on adidas.de

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