adidas announced its latest partnership with EA Sports and Jacquard™ by Google today, which will allow people who play both EA Sports’ FIFA franchise and football in real life to connect the two for the very first time.

According to the German sportswear giant, its revolutionary new technology will “enable players to impact virtual performance with real-world play.” That means that, thanks to a smart insole placed within any adidas footwear powered by a Jacquard Tag, players will be able to raise their Ultimate Team Overall in the actual FIFA video game by performing well in real life.

The adidas GMR technology recognizes actual physical movements footballers make on the pitch including measuring kicks, shot power, distance and speed.

“adidas GMR lives at the intersection of gaming and the material world because that’s where the audience is,” said Moritz Kloetzner, director of business development for adidas football.

EA Sports’ Matt Lafreniere added: “We are always looking at how we can bring new experiences to our players that bridge the real-world of football with our virtual world in FIFA Mobile. With adidas GMR, we are debuting a whole new way to play, enabling players to grow their Ultimate Team through the game they love, both on and off the pitch.”

Check out how it works below.

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