Despite Aitor Throup's reluctance to enter the public sphere, the enigmatic designer's brilliant, anatomical creations shine too brightly to be obscured by his relative reclusion. His die-hard fans ravenously collect archival works, furtively converging in niche chat rooms as they await his return to the industry at large.

Throup obsessive and INK Hong Kong founder Pita Cheng is one of the world's foremost connoisseurs of Lancashire-based artist, purchasing Throup's original sketches and rare prototypes with aplomb.

After years of channeling his passion into an impressive personal collection, Cheng found the proper venue to bring his hero back into the spotlight.

Over 100 rare and unique Throup creations are now on display at the exclusive K11 MUSEA shopping center and event space, curated by Throup, Cheng and his INK peers, and Zovin, another Hong Kong retailer that's simultaneously hosting its own smaller showcase.

This exhibit, '15YearsOfAitorThroupStudio,' presents a stylized selection of sought-after Throup clothing, accessories and illustrations, over 100 items in all.

There are pieces of Throup's intricate outerwear and trousers, his iconic skull backpacks, and much more, mostly styled atop Throup's signature mannequins, dynamic humanoid shapes wired to stand in free-form poses.

'15YearsOfAitorThroupStudio', which began on December 22, 2021 and runs until February 20, is partially an anniversary celebration, as the title implies. It commemorates Throup's doggedness to innovate in the face of the trend-centric, fast-fashion-driven fashion cycle.

But the show is also a salute to Throup's ingenuity, flying the flag for an unsung design prodigy who'd rather stay in the shadows.

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