PBS has premiered its new documentary special on Amazon and Jeff Bezos, titled Amazon Empire. The piece is a part of the public broadcaster's ongoing docuseries, FRONTLINE, which previously investigated Facebook.

Amazon Empire delves deep into the inner workings of the business empire built by the richest man in the world. From humble beginnings as a book-selling website based out of a garage in Washington, Amazon has gone on to become a trillion-dollar tech juggernaut. The FRONTLINE special takes a look at the ethical dilemma surrounding what many perceive to be an absolute monopoly in Amazon, in addition to privacy and data concerns, the warehouse working environment, and more.

While Bezos himself does not appear for a new interview in Amazon Empire, the documentary does include conversations with Amazon executives, former employees, and book publishers who have worked with him.

You can watch the trailer for PBS' FRONTLINE installment on Jeff Bezos and Amazon below, and then head here to view the entire two-hour documentary.

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