Kanye West made his return to Paris Fashion Week this weekend with YEEZY's Season 8 fashion show, in addition to a surprise Sunday Service. Not everyone was here for West's Paris comeback, however, as singer Anohni took to Instagram to call out the fashion industry for supporting West while he remains affiliated with President Trump.

In a now-deleted post titled "A Message to the Fashion Industry," Anohni called attention to West's political views, Billboard reports. "Just in case you forgot, Kanye West advocates for Donald Trump's administration. And that gay-hating, poor person-hating, immigrant-hating, woman-hating, trans-hating, animal and nature-hating, abortion-banning, sociopathic, genocidal agenda is the goody in each of your 'Sunday Service' gift bags."

The singer points out that supporting West's endeavors — whether it's fashion, music, or the Sunday Service — means endorsing Trump's agenda. Which, according to Anohni, equals to endangering the lives of women, people of color, the LGBT+ community, the working class, as well as the environment.

"You are producing right-wing propaganda with every tweet of elation, record cover, choreography or peal of 'Christian' joy that you contribute to West's dangerous campaign."

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