Apple / Konstantin Chalabov

Apple has shared the winning entries from its Night Mode Community Challenge. The six photographs come from amateur and professional photographers from all over the world, each of which used the iPhone 11 or one of its variants.

Corresponding with the order of the photos in the gallery above, the winning shots are by Konstantin Chalabov in Moscow using the iPhone 11 Pro, Andrei Manuilov in Moscow using the iPhone 11 Pro Max, Mitsun Soni in Mumbai using the iPhone 11 Pro, Yu “Eric” Zhang in Beijing using the iPhone 11 Pro Max, Rustam Shagimordanov in Moscow using the iPhone 11, and Rubén P. Bescós in Pamplona using the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Judges for the competition included a number of well-known iPhone photographers: Tyler Mitchell, Malin Fezehai, Sarah Lee, Alexvi Li, Darren Soh, Phil Schiller, Kaiann Drance, Brooks Kraft, Arem Duplessis, and Jon McCormack.

Eeach of the winning photographers from Apple's Night Mode Community Challenge made use of a version of the iPhone 11. The standard iteration features a dual-camera setup, while the advanced variants boast a triple-camera system.

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