Braille Skateboarding recently purchased Apple's new Mac Pro wheels to see if they could successfully skate on them. Priced at $700, the Mac Pro accessory would equate to some of the most expensive skateboard wheels ever.

Admittedly, the Braille team isn't the first to make a skateboard using the Mac Pro wheels. Fellow YouTuber Unbox Therapy previously attached the wheels to the front panel of a Mac Pro. Nonetheless, Braille is the first — as far as we're aware — to actually skate on the wheels.

As you can imagine, the Mac Pro wheels do not work all that well for skateboarding, although the guys did pull off a successful kickflip. For starters, the wheels constantly turn in all directions making it difficult to stay upright. You can, however, skate sideways if you've ever wanted to try that out.

To see how Apple's $700 Mac Pro wheels handled in a skating session, press play below. You can also check out Unbox Therapy's makeshift skateboard underneath.

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