Arca's anticipated new album, KiCk i, has finally arrived. The genre-bending effort, which is her fourth studio album, serves as a followup to 2017's self-titled LP.

The new experimental project consists of 12 tracks, boasting features from Björk, Rosalía, UK rapper Shygirl, and Scottish musician Sophie. Arca shared multiple tracks leading up to the release of KiCk i, including "KLK," "Mequetrefe," "Time," and "Nonbinary."

“There was a clear intention [on the album] to allow every self to express itself,” Arca previously stated. “Not to decide how much air time each self would get, but to allow for modulation between them in a spontaneous way. There is no such thing as normal.”

According to an official press release, KiCk i blends “bubblegum, harsh noise, electronic psychedelia, balladry, bangers, laughter, tears, passion, and expressions of faith- sounds and ideas that don’t simply blend together, but coexist simultaneously in quantum superposition made possible inside the sonic worlds Arca builds in her music.”

You can stream Arca's new album below and watch official music videos for select tracks from the LP underneath.

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