Following a series of polarizing campaign images for the SS18 men's collection yesterday, Balenciaga has continued to channel a super-normcore vibe with a range of luxury shopping bags. Similar to previous releases of "Bazar" laundry bags"IKEA-inspired" tote bags and black leather shopping bags, this time Balenciaga has drawn inspiration from German supermarket, Edeka.

Mimicking the kind of plastic bag that you would carry your groceries in, Balenciaga's version is made from lambskin leather while also including an interior zip, patch pockets and "The Power of Dreams" printed on one side — a recurring piece of text throughout the collection. Balenciaga's bag retails online for $1,050, meanwhile Edeka sells its own version for a fraction of the price, at approximately $1.

While Instagram users are already throwing around comments like "Crackhead SS18" and "whoever thought of this should be fired", it can't be denied that this is perfectly on-trend for Balenciaga and thematically on point with the rest of the campaign.

Check out the rest of the campaign and more of the hilarious comments from Instagram here. 

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