As arguably one of this season’s most anticipated shows, especially given the fact that previous presentations saw the brand reveal unbelievable collaborations such as these platform Crocs, Balenciaga’s latest Fall/Winter 2018 presentation was similarly captivating.

To start with, the venue looked like a copy of the Colorado Desert’s Salvation Mountain covered in the sort of boyish, slapdash graffiti one might expect to find at a local skatepark. Parallels have however also been drawn between the structure used and the Berlin Wall. The centerpiece was of course the source and reason for many photographs; a few of which we have lined up below. The structure bore numerous typographic symbols, from slogans reading “Power of Dream,” to the gay pride flag being used around its uppermost point... a detail which continued through into the graphic embellishments of certain layers.

The models started out by pacing around the sculpture wearing a selection of sleek layers in a variety of sheen and satin fabrics. Pieces included skin-tight sweaters that presented no visible sleeve cuffs, as the material even went on to cover the hands of each model. This rather refined start did however transcend into a style true to Balenciaga, as models then began to show off a variety of heavily layered masterpieces, topped by oversized fur coats, billowing down layers, and the Bernie Sanders check patterning praised in previous seasons.

The designs shown were bracketed by rigid bell-bottom outerwear, pops of neon layering, and a generally subdued color palette highlighted by flashes of floral and the aforementioned check patterning. The collection’s use of heavy metal accessories, in the way of carabiners and thick linked chains, brought each look together to resemble a character from a drug cartel movie nervously making their way to do a transaction; certainly strengthened by the use of bulky leather bags and minimal plastic-looking accessories.

Despite the use of subdued graphics being somewhat uncanny to the brand’s bold reputation, each embellishment bore rather meaningful attachments, with the most obvious being that of the World Food Programme, Speed Hunter referencing (whatever that could mean), gay pride symbolism, and an anonymous phone number which leads to an actual Balenciaga hotline. We called it here.

Stay tuned for more, as this post will be updated with new images and information as the day progresses.

For more in Balenciaga-related news, the runway presentation brought with it a series of brand new chunky sneakers. Check them out here.

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