We’re all finding it hard to let go of the track pants that we developed a deep, emotional connection to during lockdown. That said, there comes a point when you have to spread your wings and rid yourself of the sweatpants. Maybe that’ll be soon, but until that time comes, Balenciaga is holding our hand through the transition with this pair of tracksuit-jeans hybrids.

Yes, tracksuit-jeans hybrid is certainly a phrase we never thought we’d say. And, as crazy as it sounds, we can guarantee that the actual physical manifestation of the phrase blows it out of the water. Never one to shy away from a bold design — in fact, Gvasalia charges headfirst at bold designs without any questions asked — it’s no surprise that this pair of mind-boggling pants carry the Balenciaga tag.

Talk about layering… A pair of retro red track pants forms the base layer while highly distressed (completely shredded) denim drapes over the top, each rip providing a window to the eye-catching lower layer. As wild as this design could look, Balenciaga carries it all off with aplomb, actually. From the relaxed cut of the jeans to the color combination and zeitgeisty reference, it’s Balenciaga doing Balenciaga really well.

Shop the Balenciaga tracksuit-jeans below.

Distressed Wide-Leg Jeans

Distressed Wide-Leg Jeans



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