This September, Balenciaga is set to open a new store in Paris, accounting for the house's fourth boutique in the city and second in its so-called golden triangle. Located at 57 Avenue Montaigne, the boutique boasts the same metal-based industrial concept that was recently unveiled at the Rue Saint-Honoré flagship in March. The space will house Balenciaga's full men's and women's collections.

The new Parisian space gives off an overall factory feel, making use of industrial conveyor rails similar to the ones found in the label's production headquarters in Italy. The ceiling has then been covered with aluminum foil, while the changing room walls are made from cast concrete, with utilitarian benches draped in synthetic leather.

Again, Balenciaga's new Parisian location is scheduled to open its doors this September.

Now take a look at Balenciaga's new Speed Trainer that recently received an eye-catching IKEA update.

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