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Following the unveiling of a new road sign artwork in England, elusive street artist Banksy just took to social media and disavowed any support for a popular exhibition of his work in Moscow, saying he would never charge people to see his art.

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The exhibition in question is located at the Central House of Artists grand space, which features a number of Banksy’s authentic works, including his take on Mona Lisa, who he armed with portable rocket launchers and twenty-five other original pieces, according to The Guardian.

With the showcase having attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors since its inception in June, the event actually took place without the artist’s knowledge.

In a screen grab of an online chat posted by the artist, featured above, Banksy responded to a photograph of Moscow’s exhibition hall saying, “What the hell is that?”

When told it was an exhibition of his work and was charged to get in, the artist was not amused. “I wish I could find it funny, What’s the opposite of LOL?,” then adding, “You know it’s got nothing to do with me right? I don’t charge people to see my art unless there’s a fairground wheel.”

Then, when the artist was urged to publish a press release disavowing the exhibition, the artist saw some irony in going public, saying “Hmm – not sure I’m the best person to complain about people putting up pictures without getting permission.”

Check out the entire conversation in the Instagram post above, and then sound off in the comments below.

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