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Outdoor spaces might well be where most of our social interactions take place this year. And of course, every social interaction is a chance to get fits off. Forced into the limelight, like the humble picnic blanket or hiking boots, we're betting on beach bags being one of this summer's hottest accessories.

Also. Even if you can, no one wants to be painstakingly removing granules of sand, one by one, from a Prada bag after a long day by the sea. It always helps to have some beach-ready backup.

Highsnobiety editors around the world hopped on a call to discuss the GOATs of boating and toting when it comes to the art of the beach bag, from a convertible Fendi towel to a fish-shaped bag from Bode.

Scroll for the season's best beach bags.

Baggu I Love NY Reusable Bag

Reusable Bag



Buy at Baggu

Malaika: "I actually got turned onto these because Thom’s girlfriend gifted me one with smiley faces on it.

Thom: "We have about a hundred in our house, and they’re immensely practical because they crumple into a little pouch."

Bogg Baby Bag

Baby Bag

Baby Bag



Buy at Bogg

Malaika: "This is so practical because the sand can just pour out of the holes."

Fendi Convertible Towel Tote

Convertible Towel Tote



Up to 60% Off

Up to 60% Off

Buy at 24S.com

Haley: "Just to give you a better sense of it, this bag has a towel sewn into it that you can unfurl when you unclip one side. And even with the towel rolled up, you can fit a lot of stuff in there. It’s a pretty big bag."

Bode Corduroy Fish Bag

Corduroy Fish Bag

Corduroy Fish Bag



Buy at Editorialist

Haley: "This is the best statement bag for the beach. The little button eye is adorable."

Malaika: "Similar to the Mary Janes, this bag is a case where kids’ accessories look really good on adults."

Ortlieb Velocity Pack

Velocity Pack  23L

Velocity Pack 23L



Buy at REI

Thom: "Ortlieb is a really important purveyor of waterproof bags that I will stan forever. There’s a mythological Louis Vuitton keepall duffle that was made with Ortlieb seals on the zippers that I’ve been wanting to track down."

Cotopaxi Chumpi Del Día Duffel Bag

Chumpi Del Día

Chumpi Del Día



Buy at cotopaxi

Malaika: "These are giving me LEGO."

Haley: "They use recycled pieces to make their bags, so every time you order one, it’s almost always different each time."

More editor-approved beach bags.

Marni Hand Woven Tote Bag

Hand-Woven Canvas Tote Bag

Hand-Woven Canvas Tote Bag



Buy at Matchesfashion

Perfector of the fine line between kitsch and class, Marni is back with one of this summer's cutest beach bags. This one was made to hold your things beside the sea.

Noon Goons Mojave Snakeskin Bag

Mojave Snakeskin Bag

Mojave Snakeskin Bag



Buy at Highsnobiety

Snakeskin at the beach? Who'd have thought it. With a newfound and greater appreciation for being outdoors in 2021, we're not holding back when it comes to our sand accessories.

Loewe Basket Bag

Anagram-Logo Basket Bag

Anagram-Logo Basket Bag


Loewe Paula's Ibiza

Buy at Matchesfashion

Channeling the same heights of Spanish craftsmanship that the house is well-known for, Loewe's basket beach bag applies traditional weaving techniques to a logofied accessory that is unmistakably modern.

Kayadua Agudie Bag

Agudie Bag

Agudie Bag




As we've covered recently, crochet is going to be absolutely everywhere this summer, from head to toe. You might as well extend your knitted fit with a DIY-looking-but-definitely-not beach-ready bag by Ghanaian-based brand Kayadua.

Not In Paris 3 x Galerie Perrotin Tote

Not In Paris 3 Tote Bag

Not In Paris 3 Tote Bag


Highsnobiety x Galerie Perrotin

Buy at Highsnobiety

Galerie Perrotin was founded in 1990 and is an icon of the art world, particularly in Paris. This standout tote, also from our Not In Paris gift shop, is made from 100 percent cotton and is the trusty sidekick you'll rely on for beach trip after beach trip.

Bravo Company Range Block III

Range Block III



Buy at Bravo Company

At the beach, things can get lost easily. Believe me — I once spent three hours looking for a bracelet in the sand that was still on my wrist. Ironically, this camo bag will stand out.

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