With year-round use of sandals vindicated — and summer just around the corner in the northern hemisphere — a luxury pair feels justified. The higher-quality construction, materials, and embellishments that tend to come with luxury sandals lend themselves to styling with pants of all kinds and getting away with it.

If you can’t tell already, we’re going all-in on sandals for the foreseeable, so we’ve rounded up the best luxury sandals for men to see you through summer 2021 and all the way into deep fall.

Brands such as Thome Browne, Jil Sander, Gucci, and Balenciaga provide a wide range of styles. We‘ve included everything from wild and new to tried and trusted; almost too many straps to barely hanging on; leather and suede to jelly and EVA. This is your one-stop shop for the best luxury sandals for men.

Browse some of the season's best luxury sandals below

sacai x APC Sandals




A.P.C. x Sacai

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This sacai x APC sandal makes use of a bunch of buckles and several straps, resulting in a busy but still elevated and classy look. The sandal’s cork footbed makes it one of the comfiest luxury sandals for men.

Thom Browne T-Bar Leather Sandals

T-Bar Leather Sandals


Thom Browne

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A shoe? A sandal? Batman? Either way, this Thome Brown T-Bar leather sandal is one of the classiest luxury sandals for men on the market right now. If you want to ride into summer 2021 in style, stop scrolling and start purchasing.

Burberry Icon Stripe Sandals

Icon Stripe Sandals



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The humble sandal is, at its core, an extremely simple design. So why complicate it? Burberry's Icon Stripe details hard-wearing straps which fasten with velcro to hold your foot in place over the wildly comfortable molded sole unit.

Church's Fisherman Sandals

Fisherman Sandals

Fisherman Sandals



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Fisherman's sandals have seen a beautiful resurgence in recent seasons. This old-fashioned classic is safe in the hands of Church's whose Nevada Brown iteration is a work of art. Premium leather straps form the upper which sits atop a classic leather sole. The fisherman's sandal is ideal for those on the fence about sandals.

Jil Sander Sheepskin Sandals

Sheepskin Sandals


Jil Sander

Summer Sale - Up to 60% off

Summer Sale - Up to 60% off

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The leather on these Jil Sander sandals looks so incredibly soft. I’m honestly not sure what else to say. If that hasn’t convinced you, maybe just go try a pair on and see for yourself.

Maison Margiela Patent Tabi Flip Flops

Patent Tabi Flip Flops


Maison Margiela

Summer Sale - Up to 60% off

Summer Sale - Up to 60% off

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A list of the best luxury sandals for men without mention of Maison Margiela? Impossible, I say! That’s why we’ve included these super subtle flip flops for the tabi lovers among us. Enjoy.

Saint Laurent Raffia Multi-Strap Sandals

Raffia Multi-Strap Sandals


Saint Laurent

Summer Sale - Up to 60% off

Summer Sale - Up to 60% off

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Honestly, you might want to wear socks with these to begin with, as I’m not entirely sure what the blister situation will be like. But as far as luxury sandals for men go, you can do a lot worse than these beach-ready Saint Laurent Raffia sandals. If anyone buys these, please let me know how your feet took to them, because I’m seriously considering it.

Toga Virilis Leather & Suede Sandals

Leather and Suede Sandals


Toga Virilis

Summer Sale - Up to 60% off

Summer Sale - Up to 60% off

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These Toga Virlis sandals are definitely an acquired taste. But so are wine, beer, and caviar. What I’m trying to say? Well, all good things in life taste (or look) a little weird at first.

Marni Fisherman Strap Sandals

Fisherman-Strap Sandals

Fisherman-Strap Sandals



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Marni is elegance personified in a brand. These fisherman strap sandals are so simple, yet simultaneously so well-constructed that I can already see me pairing these with a pair of shorts and a white shirt while going for dinner at the beach restaurant of a 6-star hotel. One can dream, right?

Balenciga Transparent Mallorca Jelly Slides

Mallorca Jelly Slides



Summer Sale - Up to 60% off

Summer Sale - Up to 60% off

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When shopping luxury sandals for men, the first image in your mind is not going to be these Mallorca jelly slides. But Balenciaga has long proven that the house is always ready to unleash the unexpected. Just take a look at the Triple S and both Track sneakers. Honestly, these jelly sandals look unbelievably comfortable.

Gucci Baiadera Striped Canvas Slides

Baiadera-Striped Canvas Slides

Baiadera-Striped Canvas Slides



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I like to call this one the adidas adilette on (very expensive) steroids. Gucci has a knack for making the most simple accessories look outrageous, so are you really surprised that these slides are as eye-catching as they are? Either way, Gucci has some of the best (and most colorful) luxury sandals for me.

Visvim Christo Shaman Folk

Christo Shaman-Folk Sandals

Christo Shaman-Folk Sandals



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If you’re looking for luxury without the gaudiness and are more interested in quality craftsmanship than turning heads, Japan’s visvim is the brand you should be looking at — not just for your sandals but for all your clothing and footwear needs. Alas, this is a post about the best luxury sandals for men, so we absolutely had to include the Christo. A list without it wouldn’t have felt right.

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