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If you’re lucky, or smart, enough to be living in a city which doesn’t have one of the highest rent-to-income ratios across the country (*cough* New York *cough* Honolulu *cough* San Francisco *cough*), having a couple of hundred square feet going spare at home might actually be a possibility.

While home decor for people living in studio apartments usually consists of squeezing houseplants in between the bed and the kitchen sink, those of you with extra breathing space listen up. Burn your gym memberships now. This exercise equipment will not only get you working out at home, but it also takes interior design to another level.

Forget stashing these pieces away in the garage or closet, this is exercise equipment which you’ll want to have out on display 24/7. Crafted in luxury materials including chrome, maple, and walnut, these pieces double up as designer furniture, adding style to your home and definition to your body.

Here are some of our favorite luxury exercise pieces that will elevate your home.

33LBS Dumbbell Chrome


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Vintage Leather Heavy Training Bag

Vintage Sports

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Rotator 2 Jump Rope


Buy at Shophock

Eau-Me Board Club


Buy at Nohrd

Water Rower Rowing Machine


Buy at MoMA

Bike Ash


Buy at Nohrd

Trimm Dich

Still Fried

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  • Words by: Eloise Edginton
Shopping Editor