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If you have a lot of friends and relatives to buy for, you’re probably going to waste little time justifying a triple-figure gift. However, in times like these, we must remind ourselves that, “It is the thought that counts!” And it really does, with the little things often bringing much more joy than pricier alternatives.

In this guide, the Highsnobiety shopping team has done its utmost to roundup a selection of this holiday’s best gifts for under $50. We are confident the trinkets listed here will satisfy even the pickiest of gift receivers, and, most importantly, stop you wasting your money on gifts nobody really wants. These come courtesy of Urban Outfitters.

So, start putting a budget-friendly smile on the faces of your loved ones by scrolling through the best gifts for under $50 below.

Hydro Flask

Wide Mouth 32 oz Water Bottle

Hydro Flask

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We all know that someone who definitely doesn’t get their appropriate h2o intake. Be that change they need, and do them a favor this winter by keeping them watered.

The North Face Gloves

Etip Glove

The North Face

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Gloves are great, we all know that. And when they come courtesy of outdoor experts like The North Face, then even better. Not only are these insulating, but they’ve also got that handy touchscreen tip. An absolute must of the modern glove.

Stüssy Beanie

Stock Cuff Beanie


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In a similar spirit to the gloves above, it’s good to give the gift of warmth when it’s freezing outside. Streetwear label of the moment Stüssy provides here, with a standout yellow beanie.

Patagonia Tote

Market Graphic Tote Bag


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We all love a tote. And personally, I think the ’70s vibe aesthetic on this Patagonia option is killer. An essential for all their essentials.

Supergoop SKincare Kit

SPF, Snow Or Shine Winter Skincare Kit


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Going dry might be on the agenda when it comes to the January detox, but that is definitely not the case in the skincare department. This hydrating kit is perfect for the winter season, packing a daily moisturizer and sunscreen.

Chinatown Market AirPods Case

AirPods Case

Chinatown Market x Smiley UO Exclusive

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Chinatown Market is well known for its smiley graphics, and this piece follows suit. The amount of AirPod casing choices out there can be overwhelming, so we’ve made it easy.

Moleskine Sketching Kit

Sketching Kit


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Got an art lover in your life? Suitable for both beginners and seasoned scribblers, this is a nice little all-in-one that’ll get them set up to draw on the go.

Urban Outfitters Shirt

Plaid Flannel Button-Down Shirt

Urban Outfitters

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Checked shirts are always well received, and at way under $50 this is a steal. A good layering option now the cold weather is in full swing.

Herschel Supply Bag

Fifteen 2L Belt Bag

Herschel Supply Co.

Buy at Urban Outfitters

Where are they going to put all those new gadgets they were gifted? Here’s where.

Rick and Morty Slippers

Rick And Morty Plush Slipper

Urban Outfitters

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The Rick and Morty craze continues to sweep the planet. The show’s fanbase is well in the millions, but here’s a gift under $50 suggestion for the one in your life.

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