Headie one performs on stage
Getty Images / Joseph Okpako

The music industry is always on the move, with artists churning out hits, bangers, ballads, and straight-up L’s every day it seems. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, sifting through the endless stream of tracks in search of your next tune, we’ve got you. By popular demand, we’re bringing back our round-up of the week’s best new tracks. Whether you’re a dedicated hip-hop snob, party chaser, or simply trying to spruce up your tired old playlist, we’ve got something for everyone.

If anything, this week in music was far from monotonous. We got ethereal melodies from Brent Faiyaz, gritty Brooklyn bravado from Pop Smoke, and trap brilliance from Migos, Travis Scott, and Young (on one song). No one made a splash quite like Headie One, though. The rapper who is currently serving time solidified his status as UK’s leading drill artist from behind bars with the new track “Charades.”

For the song, Headie One tapped UK Producer Fred again… presumably to make sure his voice is still touching the streets while he’s away. Over a guitar-infused drill beat, Headie One details his situation and the internal battle of having one foot in the streets and the other one in the rap game. This is the first in a collection of tracks Headie One and Fred again… plan to drop very soon, and if “Charades” is any indication, the joint record is going to be fire.

If you’re thinking “Damn Highsnobiety, it would be great to hear all these in one place!” then dear reader, we’re happy to inform you that you’re reading the right post. Tune in to our Highsnobiety Soundsystem playlist for this week below.

Have a listen to the new tracks from Headie One, Migos, Travis Scott and more below.

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Words by Sarah Osei
Staff Writer