The side bag is arguably the hottest accessory of the season. And with fashion powerhouses like Gucci and hype brands like Supreme dabbling in the trend, the humble fanny pack’s current place on the baggage throne has been going unthreatened. But while it’s a great accessory, the downside of the trend is that you can’t always fit all that you need in a side bag. That’s where the tote comes into play.

With the capacity to hold all your belongings in a style that’s very summer-friendly, a tote bag is a handy accessory to have whether you’re heading to the beach or just plan on having a nice stroll downtown. It’s also a good transition piece for more grown-up looks that can’t always be achieved with a backpack.

If you don’t know where to start your search, our curator Nigel Minani has got your back (or should we say shoulder?). After browsing through our favorite online retailers, Nigel was able to round up 14 of the dopest totes that are perfect for every budget.

His selection includes affordable options such as an $18 striped tote bag from Opening Ceremony and a $25 clear option from Urban Outfitters, as well as pricier finds like a $430 distressed logo-print tote from A-COLD-WALL* and a multicolor striped Gucci bag for all-out flex appeal, selling for $980. No matter how deep your pockets, this selection has something for you.

Whether you’re rolling in cash or balling on a budget, browse through our selection below.

Up to $50

Striped Tote Bag Medium

Opening Ceremony


Signature Carrot Tote Bag



Clear Tote Bag

Urban Outfitters


Weed Leaf Tote Bag

Mister Green


Kingston Tote Bag



Mesh Tote Bag



Up to $200

Digi Ruins Tote Bag



Argyle Tote Bag

Orlebar Brown


$200 and up