Yesterday was Beyoncé’s birthday, the Queen’s ripe old 35th one to be exact. And being the selfless savior of pop music that she is, she chose to give the world a little gift of her own. This present has arrived in the form of Lemonade single “Hold Up” appearing on YouTube. While this would normally be considered a standard form of music video presentation, this is now one of only three parts of this year’s visual album that can be viewed individually online.

And she chose wisely. Despite offering a sumptuous variety of aesthetics across Lemonade, “Hold Up” was a video that immediately entered the realm of the insta-iconic thanks to a little yellow dress and whole lot of window-smashing. Memes of Bey in said Roberto Cavalli gown taking to the streets with baseball bat in hand are now a dime a dozen, a feat all the more impressive considering the video is only available to those who have purchased the full visual album on iTunes or TIDAL.

Aside from “Hold Up,” the only other videos that have received the official release treatment are “Formation” and “Sorry,” the latter of which arrived earlier this summer and memorably features a cameo from Serena Williams. It seems like wishful thinking to surmise that Bey would give the same treatment to each of Lemonade's 12 tracks, but a girl can dream.

Lemonade is available now on the iTunes store.

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