While we're all collectively stuck at home, artists Billie Eilish and Anderson .Paak have separately launched the same cute new initiative to help pass the time — coloring.

This weekend, Eilish added to her merch line by releasing a coloring book. The "Bad Guy" singer made the book available in a physical version which retails for $10. It's also accessible as a digital copy that can be printed from a PDF, which fans can buy for any amount from $0 through to $10.

All proceeds from the sales go directly to UNICEF. The book is available to purchase from Billie Eilish’s website. Check out a preview below.

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Meanwhile Anderson .Paak has launched a coloring club for children. Under the "PaintWithPaak" hashtag, every Friday his "paakhouse" Instagram account will launch an outlined image of the rapper, made available to be downloaded and colored-in. Paak described the initiative as "something else to keep the little ones occupied." You can check out the first installment below.

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The singers are the latest in a slew of artists to start new creative projects for fans while the world self-isolates due to the continued global Covid-19 outbreak.

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