Influencer and sometime Travis Scott stylist Bloody Osiris isn't one to hold back when it comes to style. Whether he's flexing a Goyard-filled Helmut Lang briefcase or pairing your dad's best office tie with a tactical ALYX vest, Osiris' ’fits are from another planet. And the coolest thing? He's only getting further out there. For proof, see the outrageous pants he was recently pictured in on Instagram, leading to fevered reactions from his 285,000 followers:

"I think those pants a couple sizes too big broski!"

"How is this even possible?!"

"Drip from another universe." 

"Everyone else stuck in 2016 and you in 2025!"

We have a ton of questions about the pants. Like: Is there a person hidden in there? How long did they take to get into? How heavy are they to wear? Are they even pants, or is that camping equipment fashioned to look like pants?

While most of our questions will likely remain unanswered, we can confirm that the clothing in question technically falls under the jeans umbrella. Kind of.

The item is actually a bleach-covered set of overalls from Rick Owens' Fall 2016 "Mastodon" collection, which dealt with themes of climate change and, as Vogue put it, "total and utter annihilation." With 2015 having been — at the time — the hottest year since records began, Owens said he was inspired to think about "the ecological anxiety we are all feeling. What is the worst possible scenario?” His advice back in 2016? “Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst." Plus ça change.

As one of fashion's great avant-garde designers, Owens has always danced to his own tune. This was evident last summer, when the Dark Lord sent wide-legged, dropped-crotch pants that looked suspiciously similar to JNCO jeans down the runway for Spring 2019. That same collection also featured new Owens Birkenstocks and wearable tents (and you thought we were joking when we said "camping equipment" above).

A couple of years back, speculation abounded that we were on the cusp of a JNCO-spearheaded ’90s jeans revival. That comeback never really materialized, however. Jeans aren't like sneakers, where you can pluck a retro style out of the vault and have them feel fresh by way of sentimentality. They're inexorably tied to an era. It's the reason skinny jeans will forever be associated with the mid ’00s and why bootcuts, mercifully, won't be back anytime soon, despite Demna Gvasalia's best attempts.

That said, it's cool to see people unafraid to rock something outlandish, even if just for show. In a time when rappers will still wear terrible designer jeans from the likes of AMIRI and Balmain, we have only respect for someone like Lil Uzi Vert turning up on the red carpet in bondage pants. After all, absurdity is miles better than blandness. So here's to Pharrell Williams' mad Vivian Westwood hat, Kanye West's extra Givenchy leather kilt, A$AP Rocky's "babushka" Gucci headscarf, and Bloody Osiris' monstrous Rick Owen overalls.

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