Today Netflix airs the second half of BoJack Horseman's final seasonOver the last six seasons, the titular, humanoid horse has become a truly beloved figure in television, despite his destructive, narcissistic ways, so to say that both fans and the show's creators are sad to be saying goodbye is an understatement. By the looks of Twitter, neither party is doing well.

The show has generated huge critical praise for testing and pushing the limits of expectations in the animation genre. Since 2014 fans have watched as Bojack grappled with love, death, addiction, rehabilitation, redemption, his own mortality, and life as an anthropomorphized horse trying to make it in Hollywood.

It's fair to say that the show has had a huge cultural impact, but this final season proved particularly emotional for fans. Bojack and characters including Todd and Princess Carolyn, have had to wrestle with harrowing and complex subject matter while still managing to deliver some of the show's most hilarious and absurd jokes.

Scroll through to browse the funny, moving and weird farewells below.

The fans aren't doing so good

We're all ready to get hurt again

It really was one of a kind

And the creators know it as well as the fans

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