After playing around with vivid blues and reds, as well as subtle tones in his more recent collections, German-Persian designer Boris Bidjan Saberi is back to his monochrome roots for the Fall/Winter 2016 "Squadron" collection. The designer has previously stated:

"I am known for black but I actually don't know why. Because I am not Gothic. I like black as a color, or a non color, as I always start out without a color and only if I have time do I add one."

At this point it would be fair to say Saberi is shaking the association he has with black as his trademark, but rather developing one in which a single color defines each collection. And we're perfectly delighted with that.

This season, the color of choice was grey. From a barely off-white stone hue to deep charcoal and even marl knitwear, the depth of the shade perfectly complements Saberi's strongly layered aesthetic.

His love of leather was once again in full force, while wool overcoats and knitwear kept things cosy. Some denim pieces were thrown in for good measure - dyed grey, naturally - while pony hair accents provided some luxury.

Silhouettes stayed true to the designer's hallmark, with deconstructed tailoring melding perfectly with amorphous basics.

Headwear came in the shape of hoods and beanies, while aviator sunglasses - some connected via headbands - and painted chin "straps" revisited the designer's previous fighter pilot theme.

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