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How do you dress when your parents are icons who changed British fashion forever back in the ’00s? If you're a rebel like Brooklyn Beckham, you eschew nearly all their sartorial cues and look instead to skateboarding for inspiration.

Still only 20, the oldest Beckham scion still has plenty of maturing to do on the fashion front, but there are early signs that he's on the right path to discovering his own signature style. Whereas father and football legend David Beckham is all about clean casualwear and impeccable tailoring, Brooklyn keeps things a little grubbier, stepping out in workwear jackets, loose-fitting T-shirts, cuffed wide-leg Dickies, and Dr. Martens. It's smart casual done haphazardly and it looks pretty damn good.


Sure, like his dad, Brooklyn still loves a flat cap now and then — and sure, the braces need to go — but ensembles like the one above are more Venice Beach than East End boy. Long gone are his days of skinny jeans and mismatching sneakers. Becks Jr. has toned down his flex and looks way better for it.

His looks are fairly straightforward on the face of it, but the young skateboarder/photographer/model's secret weapons are his accessories — the humble carabiner in particular.

Not only is a carabiner a practical way to keep your keys secure while riding and snapping pics of your cool buddies, it also prevents Brooklyn's style from becoming stuffy, bringing everything together with a utilitarian swag. It's one of the oldest menswear tricks in the book, used by everyone from Pharrell Williams to Tyler, The Creator.

Brooklyn might have a ways to go before he ascends to the same God-tier fashion level as his old man, but if there's a lesson here, it's that figuring out your own style takes time and pays the biggest rewards in the long run. Peep some other Brooklyn Beckham looks in the gallery above for inspiration.

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