Hey, so, have you heard of these things called bucket hats? They're also known as fisherman hats because that's basically who started off wearing them, but then they got subsumed by hip-hop - worn by the likes of LL Cool J, Nas and Jay-Z. Rick Ross copped a fresh Polo Ralph Lauren for the video of his "Ashes to Ashes" song and Eminem had a penchant for a crusty beige Kangol one. Never mind all that, because NOW bucket hats are about to pop off. Louis Vuitton recently showcased a buttery soft matte goatskin leather bucket hat in their Spring/Summer 2013 collection, and all the cool new guys are wearing them. All of them. Earl Sweatshirt, ScHoolboy Q, Lucien Clarke. All the cool guys. Why fuck about with a five panel when you can get 360 degree peak protection?

Perks & Mini Bermuda Hat

Perks & Mini is an Australian lifestyle brand whose work is informed by music, art, graphics, food and naturally, fashion. This hat features an all-over original digital print artwork titled 'Blueberry Cola.' It's pretty bold but it's still pretty dope so if you're gonna do it, why not go all out? Get hold of yours from The Goodhood Store.

ONLY NY Seagulls Bucket Hat

A straight up nautical theme seems more than appropriate for what's also known as a fisherman hat. This one from ONLY NY features an all-over seagull print with the usually present ONLY NY logo tab label. Made in USA from organic twill cotton, purchase yours from their online store.

Engineered Garments Floppy Hat Hawaiian

A Hawaiian print might be dangerously close to emitting dopehead surfer vibes, but it's a fine line between hip and trashy anyway. In a white/charcoal/blue colorway, this Engineered Garments hat manages to stay on the good side of the line, and it has a single buttoned pocket on one side in case you do need somewhere to stash your green. Buy it now from Tres Bien.

YMC Leopard Bucket Hat

YMC launched this classic Serpico bucket hat style over 15 years ago and it makes a welcome return, updated with one of their most popular prints. This hat has a simple silhouette, with a paneled construction and a fluted brim, so the print isn't overwhelming. It's machine washable so when you've sweated it out you can put it in the wash. Buy one now from YMC.

HUF Fuck It Bucket Hat

If the questionable use of obscenity in streetwear isn't your jam then look away now. This HUF hat speaks for itself. Buy it from Wellgosh.

Universal Works Sand Wax Cotton Fisherman Hat

Keep it simple and traditional with this sand-colored fisherman hat from Universal Works. It's made from 100% waxed cotton so it's gonna keep the rain of your head, and it's fully mesh lined for ventilation. So practical, you might accidentally take up fishing. Get it from Number Six London.

Tantum Raw Japanese Denim Hat

Los Angeles residents Tantum comes back for their Spring/Summer 2013 collection with what they do best - distinctive versions of everyday designs. This hat is constructed from premium cotton denim with contrast stitching lined with organic camouflage print cotton. Buy it now from End Clothing.

Deadline Liberty Camo Bucket Hat 

Tantum strike again, this time collaborating with fellow American label Deadline Liberty. A combination of Tantum's utilitarian tendencies and Deadline Liberty's coastal leanings result in this all-over camo print bucket hat. It features a chambray lining and has those little holes to give your little head the ventilation it deserves. Get it from Up There Store.

Thom Browne Madras Fisherman Hat

This Thom Browne hat is as summery as they come. Without any perspective, you could be mistaken for thinking this is a child's hat, what with those chin straps and everything. But you are mistaken. Sure, madras print is child-friendly but wear it doing the adult things you do and the juxtaposition will be SO RAD. Get hold of one from Union Los Angeles.

Polo Ralph Lauren Bucket Hat

You can't take a wrong turn with that little embroidered Polo player. Take a leaf out of Rick Ross's book, but only the one with the Ralph Lauren Bucket Hat on it. There's some things of Rick Ross's you might want to emulate, and there's other things you probably won't. You can buy this hat direct from Ralph Lauren.

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