Watches can be complicated affairs. We've featured some NASA level technology timepieces on these pages, wrist-wear with more dials than a cockpit, intricate mechanisms balanced on a unicorn hair and a deeply felt wish. Well, as the title may have signalled, we're looking at some rather more minimal pieces, plain of face and (it's all relative) easy on the moneyclip. Featuring the likes of Braun, Alessi, MUJI and Uniform Wares - If you've recently high-fived yourself over Roger Federer's Rolex collection then these may not be for you. A fan of keeping it simple? Click on.

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MUJIRound Face Watch

MUJI laughs in the face of complexity with everything it does. The brand who made its name from stripping everything back to naked, making even the simplest of items into something quite beautiful. These are the people who made glycerin soap a desirable object. Now look at this watch and be hypnotised by its blank expression.

Uniform Wares - 200 Series

Of course, we turn to Uniform Wares, masters at this particular game. We've chosen this 200 series with a rose gold case,  antique leather strap, Swiss movement and that perfect "postbox red hacking second hand." 0101

"Designed by purists, engineered by the Swiss", have plenty to choose from in this category. The o101 is a brushed stainless steel, silver dial quartz movement, 31 hole date indicator beauty and it's looking for a new home. $365

Alessi Out of Time

If you're looking to match your kettle to your bottle opener to your condiment set, then take it up a level and add in your watch. Make everything in your life Alessi and sit back safe in the knowledge that Italian design owns you. $189

Nava - Tempo Libero by Denis Guidone

Featured a while back this Denis Guidone design is a bit sporty around the case but noteworthy for that off-centre minute hand. It might throw you when trying to actually tell the time but sitting on that matt black face it looks like an lone, errant chopstick looking for a companion. $150

Braun - BN-46BK Mens Digital Watch

It's a Braun digital watch from the Dieter Rams and Dietrich Lubs school of design. As good as it gets. $235

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