A couple of weeks ago our Weekly Outfit featured the cardinal fashion sin, at least according to many sartorialists - sweatpants. A guilty pleasure of many, it seems they're becoming increasingly less guilty and increasingly more an intentional fashion statement.   Producing them in unlikely materials takes them from couch to couture, see En Noir's Spring Summer 2013 collection which featured black leather sweatpants. Already worn by Kanye West, they have the high fashion seal of approval.

Of course we're not suggesting you dive straight into the italian lambskin deep end here, and it still remains a possibility that if sweatpants are your daily rigeur, the rest of your life will spiral downwards. But what we're saying is, if you're gonna do it, do it well.

Lifetime Collective Blundetto Cable Knit Sweatpant

So far it seems that introducing an interesting fabric to the sweatpant formula is a winning combination. Cable knit is an unlikely choice for what was originally activewear, but now sweatpants are mostly for lounging, it's the ideal choice. Find this pair by Lifetime Collective over at Urban Outfitters.

Paul Smith Black Pleated Drawstring Trousers

These Paul Smith sweatpants are labelled as trousers, but I would dispute anything with a drawstring as a trouser hybrid at the very least. And elasticated ankle cuffs take these firmly into the lounging game. Either way, a slim fit, tailored pleating and 100% black cotton means these pants are an up-market spin on lounging. Get them online over at Ssense.

Acne John Grey Melange

Perhaps the most typical sweatpant style in this guide would be this Acne pair. You can't have loungewear without grey marl, and this speckled melange pair are just the ticket. A contrasting waistband and metal zip detailing ensures they are a league above the rest. Buy them now on the Acne e-store.

Loro Piana Cashmere and Silk Blend Tracksuit Pants

If your pants are for lounging and lounging only, then lounge to the extreme in this Loro Piana pair in a pure blend of cashmere and silk, surely there can't be anything more luxe than that. Just don't go spilling your pizza takeaway down it, the dry cleaning bill will be a bitch.

Warriors of Radness Descando Pant

The classic sweatpant shape has been totally upscaled by Warriors of Radness with it's kaleidoscope design on the side of the legs. Featuring all the necessities for a good lounge, including a drawstring waistband, two front pockets and one rear. Get them now from Soto, in store or online.

Nonnative Men's Sleeper Border Cotton Flannel Pants

There's a fine line between flannel pants and pyjamas, but then sometimes there's only a fine line between the time you have home from work and getting into bed, and this is where this pair come in. Cut from soft Japanese cotton and in an eye-catching border stripe pattern, they haven't scrimped on quality or style. Find them over at OKI-NI.

En Noir Leather Sweatpants

It's a common trick for fashion to combine two contradicting items in order to confuse us over it's wearability. Leather sweatpants are exactly that contradiction, but sometimes that's a good thing. And Kanye definitely thinks so. If you're ready for the deep end, find them over at RSVP Gallery.

If you're going to commit to sweatpants as a statement piece, then here is your answer.

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